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How To Apply For Antigua And Barbuda’s Citizenship?

How To Apply For Antigua And Barbuda’s Citizenship?

Authorized representatives are appointed due to their ability to market, promote and disseminate information on the Citizenship by Investment Program. Due to their extensive global reach, professionalism and ability to pre-screen applicants prior to submission we would recommend that you approach a representative in the first instance.

They will provide you with their expert guidance, explain the application process in detail, and assist you in preparing your application and associated documentation.

They will engage with a licensed agent based in Antigua and Barbuda who will review your application and arrange to submit in person along with the required payments due. The agent will act as your point of contact with the CIU and they will be advised of the decision outcome of all applications.

Please note that there may be occasions when additional information is requested and/or an interview may be required.

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