Australia Residency By Investment

Lets learn everything about Australia Residency by Investment

Australia is one of the most beautiful places, though being the smallest continent in the world, it does not stop amazing us. The development of Australia is not hidden from us, Australia has adventurous wildlife, a suitable climate, breathtaking nature and a high stand of living making it a perfect blend of all the qualities one needs to live an efficient Lifestyle. The High Human Development Index of Australia makes it the best place to migrate to. Real Estate also lies in the same par of development and investment ventures that are highly open for smart businesses and whatnot.

Investment is the main key to the development of the country and considering all the pros it holds, such a smart investment always gives an edge to the fullest. There are a lot of investment procedures which not only provide monetary gain but an awesome opportunity to reside in the continent of Australia for a long period and is precise via various residency visa programs. Australia residency by investment is a long-term residency visa which is of 5 years also known as the golden visa or The Business and Innovation visa is a service provided by the government to foreign nationals and helps them gain numerous options and benefits to reside in Australia.

The Business and Innovator Visa

The Business and Innovator Visaincludes four different schemes of visas under the program which are known as the streams. Each of the streams bears certain eligibility criteria for Investment in the country.

Let us have a keen look at the entire stream offered and further details related to Australia residency by investment program:-  

Business Innovation Stream (188): – It is the very first scheme in the B&I visa program. It takes a processing time of 13- 28 months in total where the minimum investment required by an individual is AUD 1.25 million. This particular investment is based on the criteria of operating a business in Australia, where the host or the investors needs to own a prior business with a minimum annual term of AUD750000 for the 2 years out of the running 4 financial years.

Investor stream (188):- The Investor stream mainly targets the investors and not business personnel. The criteria for this particular stream require that the investors bear a minimum of three years of experience as the primary investor. The Visa processing time for this stream is ranged from 26- 39 months and the minimum investment amount is AUB 2.5 million.

Significant Investor Stream (188):- The significant investor stream is slightly different from the investor stream. It requires the investor to bear the intention of holding a particular investment till the duration of the visa continues. The Significant Investor stream takes a moderate visa processing time of 3- 26 months and the minimum investment required is AUD 5 million in this stream.

Entrepreneur Stream:- The fourth and last stream of the B&I visa program is the Entrepreneur stream which has many great benefits including no minimum investment requirement as a funding agreement with a third party to process all the startup or entrepreneurial work is the primary criteria of the stream. This particular stream requires a minimum period of 3-7 months with the least amount of visa processing time of the entire above stream.

Australia residency by investment

What are the benefits of the Australian business and Innovation Visa/Golden Visa?

  • High Standard of living
  • Rich Resources
  • Diverse Culture and Wildlife
  • Immigrant-Friendly
  • Advanced Healthcare and Schooling
  • Pension Policies for employees

The benefits of the Australia  residency by investment or  namely Australia Golden Visa are immense and the application process for the Visa also requires methodical steps and so, to know more about the process contact us today and we will brief you with all the information.

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