Christmas is the one holiday season which everyone excitingly waits for. Around two billion people around the world celebrate Christmas and it is indeed one of the most celebrated festivals of all time. Be it Europe, America, Africa or Australia Christmas is the one place where everyone seeks to indulge in activities, holidays, gatherings and even investments. Well, there are several reasons for joy to this day but secure joy seems way more valuable than the rest. So, let’s look at some of the best Christmassy places to invest in because you don’t just invest in the geography but in the culture too

There are several countries which are ideal for your Christmas celebration this year, Are you ready to divulge the list? Let’s do it:-

Portugal:- Portugal is a beautiful country in western Europe that holds extensive traditions when it comes to Christmas. Portugal has a unique modern tradition where they have bananas along with Moscatel de Setubal, dancing on the street music, bonfires on Christmas Eve, donation of chestnuts and wine and even has the tallest Christmas tree in Europe.

There are several customs that the people of Portugal follow during Christmas and it is extremely beautiful as much as it sounds too. So, if you are looking for an ideal place for investment with immigrant-friendly culture and a range of unique traditions then, Portugal is the right place for you because it also holds extensive programs which are exclusively introduced for foreign investors such as the Golden Visa which is a great way to obtain permanent residency in the country leading your way to second citizenship later.

Australia:- Whenever there is talk of Christmas the most happening place that pops up in our head is Australia. The Continent Celebrates Christmas and New Year like no other one. Australians are the most thrilled and welcoming people and the list of the Opera House of Sidney says all about the Christmassy mood. There again another reason why investment in Australia should be your wise choice the Residency by Investment programs of Australia are popular due to their efficiency and benefits it bears. It has many RBI programs such as the Investor Visa and Significant Investor Visa which has greater advantages for all foreign Investors across the world. 

Canada:- If there is an immigrant-friendly country on a list, Canada would top the list no matter what. Yes, that’s right! Canada loves multi-culture and tradition, so the celebration of any holiday is met to the heart’s content. No doubt Christmas is a magical time in the country too making Canada the ideal option to settle in for all the reasons. There are many options provided for foreign nationals, and Permanent residency is quite more efficient than the rest. So, are you ready to seek a settlement in the most ideal place in the world?


USA:- The United States of America is known as the greatest superpower of the world and the festivities that occur across the country are explicit beauty. The USA is famous for its great crowd during holidays and what makes it extra special is that it is a country where nearly people from different nationalities are highly welcomed. The snowy Christmas streets and entertaining parties are completely worth the hype and so are the investment programs for foreign nationals. The USA has varieties of Visas introduced for the ones looking for permanent residency or long-term residency in the country. So, why think to an extent when the options are highly open already? 

Other than a beautiful Christmas, there are many reasons to invest in your dream country and we Koyasco Global are here to help you with the tiniest information your need to know about investment and permanent residency programs in the above country. How do we do that? That is a very apt question to ask because as an expert in investment advisory and wealth management our collective experience of more than 50 years is here for you to walk in with every step to step.

Our reach with government officials and legal expertise is to support you with the long and tiring procedures of the program applications. So, are you ready to Investment in your favourite Christmas destinations? Well then, get hooked on to the look and contact us today for more details on investment abroad opportunities. Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas Fellas!

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