Eb5 Visa and E2 Visa

Koyasco enlightens you on EB5 Visa in copmarison to EB2 Investor Visa 

We are here to answer the most asked question on both E2 Investor Visa and Eb5 Visa. Although both of them allows investors to enter the United States if you invest in a US firm or economy there are certain differences which makes them two separate entity with different benefits altogether. So, let us clear all your doubts about E2 Visa and EB5 Visa. 


Difference between the E2 Investor Visa and EB5 Visa 

What kind of Visa are E2 Investor Visa and the EB5 Investor Visa?

We surely know that both visas require investments in the economy of the United States by various measures but the E2 Investor Visa is a non-immigrant(not leading to permanent residency) Visa whereas the EB-5 visa is an immigrant visa(Permanent residency).

Is the minimum amount of Investment the same for both E2 Investor Visa and the EB5 visa?

When it comes to the E2 Investor Visa the minimum required investment amount needs to be $150,000 or above. The amount could be just considerable enough for the process to commence.

Whereas the EB-5 Visa requires a minimum sum of $800,000 as it holds different benefits as well.

Note:- The amount of investment differs according to the visa policies and the investment made needs to be done in a new venture with a proper legal source of income. 

What is the nationality requirement for E2 Investor Visa and EB-5 Visa?

The E2 Investor visa works according to the treaty between the United States and the signed countries and therefore, nationality is the primary factor for the application of an E2 Investor Visa whereas the EB5 Visa does not primarily depend upon any signed treaty but the same as other visa policy formulated by the regulation of the United States and so, any foreign national is eligible to apply for the E5 Visa.

Is the processing period for E2 Investor Visa and EB5 Visa the same?

No, it is not the same. In terms of an E2 Investor Visa, depends upon the nationality or the particular country of the investor as per the policy although the average processing time is around 5 months. It also depends upon the premium processing making it as fast as 15 days excluding the consulate processing time.

On an average the EB-5 Visa requires a processing time of nearly 30 to 61 months in particular but it depends upon the FORMs as well. Form 1-526 is 29.5 to 61 months, and I-485 ranges from 7 to 29 months. The consular processing time is between 6 to 12 months in total.

How do the E2 Investor Visa and EB5 Visa benefit your family?

E2 Investor visa qualifies the investor’s spouse and children under the age of 21 to reside in the United States and to apply for an E2 Visa or even an E2 Investor visa. 

But the EB-5 Visa is an immigrant visa where your spouse and children can legally work, reside and study and have the same privilege as any other American citizen.

Note:- Children below the age of 21 years can qualify for education in both Visas. 

Which is better, the E2 Investor Visa or the EB-5 Visa?

E2 Investor Visa allows you to legally work in the United States. In addition to that, you have the benefits with no minimum or maximum amount of investment, only a substantial amount of investment such as $150000 could work making it efficiently achievable in most cases. There are also several other pros of the E2 Visa which benefits provides family benefits as well. One of the major cons of the E2 Visa could be the treaty policy as only the nationals from countries which have signed a treaty with the United States are eligible to apply for the E2 Investor Visa. 

Whereas the EB-5 Visa allows the investor and his family to legally reside, work and study in the United States. The EB5 Visa leads investors to obtain a green card in the United States which is the most significant merit of this visa. Although the benefits are immense and wholesome, the criteria of the minimum amount of investment in acquiring this visa require the whopping sum of $800,000 which could be both a pro or a con for some as it depends upon the financing capacity of the investors. Also, the processing time is very lengthy as compared to E2 Investor Visa.

Well, it can not be declared if one visa is better than the other as both are investment visas and it depends upon the investor’s financial capacity and along with the eligibility criteria for it.

How can we have you acquire the E2 and EB5 Visa?

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