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Poland - Residency Program

Poland - Residency Program.

Poland Issues a 1 year 2 year & 3 year residence permits to non EU citizens based on several basis.

Individual & Business Migration to Poland

Key facts

Courageous and dynamic people do not hesitate to connect their life with another country.


Poland –  a part of the developed world, may become either your final destination or only a harbour on your way to conquer the world.

For what?

Foreigners propertied temporary residence permits are allowed to freely and unrestrictedly cross the Polish borders.

Moreover, they enjoy the privilege of staying in other Schengen Area countries up to 90 days for every 6 months of temporary residence. Business immigration is a unique opportunity to raise your comfort level.

And this will vary with the period of your stay and the means involved in the country of your residence.

Citizenship by investment program and by real estate program in Poland are just some of options giving you the possibility of accommodation in Polish territory.


Initially, on the basis of a domestic D type (business, employment) and then, after confirming the real contribution of the company to the development of Polish economy there is an open way to apply for TRP (Temporary residence permit) or even long-term with the option of obtaining a second citizenship.

Koyasco’s strategic partner, a Polish law firm and immigration Consultant will help you in choosing the best option and will support you during formal procedures and facilitate acclimatization in Poland.

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