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Relocate To Poland With A Work Permit Now

“The Heart of Central Europe- Poland is known to be one of the most advanced countries in the world. Apart from its research institutes, amusing geography, and keen history, Poland also has a great employability ratio and opportunities for people all across the world. Yes, you read that right! Not only professionals but also basic skilled people are internationally hired and employed as per the requirement from the government of Poland to keep up the demand of running businesses. We spoke about Poland now let’s read about the most frequently asked queries on Poland’s Work Permit.

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Understand More About Poland Work Permit

Why does Poland employ International skilled labourers?

According to the report from “Professions Barometer 2022”, Poland is in High demand for skilled workers as there is a shortage in the labour market and there are a lot of opportunities available for all the skilled labourers. Thus, the government there is opening up to all sorts of options from national to even international employment of skilled workers with so much more employment advantages too.

Who can apply for the Poland work permit?

Poland’s work Permit is allotted to skilled workers in demand such as professional welders, carpenters, stone laying pavers, industrial cleaning, grass cutting and meat factory labour which are highly in demand. Skilled workers of any nationality can apply for a work permit once acquired the work from the employer.

How long does it take to get a Poland work permit?

The approximate time to acquire the work per it of Poland is between 10-12 weeks but mainly depends upon the procedure implication and documentation too.

Due to the change in the new immigration law of Poland, the application process for the work permit has changed. Well, do not worry about that, Koyasco Global, the best immigration consultant, has covered all your problems, as we know exactly how to get everything, done.

Is Poland right for international workers?

Poland is one of the most developed countries in Europe with a moderate climate range and a great standard of living. Poland is popularly known for its positive work culture and the benefits of work bonuses, national holidays, and health insurance as per living standards. One can easily experience quite a comfortable life. Even the language does not serve as a barrier as English is widely spoken in the country and almost in all parts. With the recent in change immigration law by the government of Poland on 29th July 2022, we can see vast exposure and efficiency for international workers making it convenient for them to work and reside

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