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Grenada is a scenic beauty on the Island of the Caribbean and it bears endless investment options for all foreigners. Caribbean Island is been known for offering great investment options for many countries worldwide and Grenada is one of the leading of them all. The Country not only offers the route to second citizenship but helps the many non-treaty foreign nationals to indirectly acquire the US E2 Visa as well. So let us look into some of the major benefits that Grenada provides in terms of Investments deals for foreign nationals:-

The Second Citizenship Option: – Grenada being a beautiful Island in the Caribbean is the clearest and cut option for you to invest and obtain a second citizenship. There are several reasons to invest in this particular Island, ranging from safety and security, greater business opportunities, and the greatest global mobility of all the places in the world making it the right place to invest for a reason.

Did you know?

You just need to invest as low as $15000 to obtain second citizenship from Grenada within a period between three to four months only. Isn’t that fascinating?

What are the advantages Second citizenship from Grenada Investment?

There is end number of benefits when we talk of Investment in Grenada as the government has left no stone unturned to reward the foreign investor to the core. So, let us look into some of the major interests to invest in Grenada:-

  • Minimum Investment
  • Short processing time
  • No Capital Gains tax
  • Health and Education Benefits
  • International Mobility


Second citizenship by Grenada Investment

How can Grenada help you achieve United States E2 Investor Visa? (Check out E2 Investor Visa Blog)

Well, the E2 Investor Visa processes only under the signed treaty of the United States with the listed nations altogether. But there are several other nations which are not on the list of treaty nations, which makes it impossible for them to seek the US E2 Investor Visa. But what if you are told, that one could seek an E2 Investor Visa without being from the list of Treaty nations? How?

The biggest loophole is the beautiful Island of Grenada, Yes, you read that right. Grenada is amongst the list of nations which has held the treaty with the United States for a long time. The fact that Grenada has a very short efficient processing time makes it super convenient for people to invest here and get second citizenship by Investment which in return paves the way to the E2 Investor Visa door for the non-treaty nations’ investors. Once they seek second citizenship from Grenada, they are eligible to apply for the E2 Investor Visa of the United States on the grounds of being a citizen of Grenada, making it easier for the process to take place for investors. 

The process of an E2 Investor Visa isn’t a smooth going one but the measure above it makes it legal and doable for non-treaty nationals to acquire an E2 Investor in the United States of America. Thus, Grenada might be your key to unlocking the wide gate of a US green card in the future ahead.


How can Koyasco Global help you seek your dream Visa?

Koyasco global bears years of experience in the field of Investment advisory and wealth management and offers a wide range of beneficial services to the entire foreign national who seeks investment abroad. We bear enough capabilities to assist you in every step of the process and our abled legal and professional teams are highly skilled to help you amid the tiniest inconvenience to make your journey of investment smoother and better. So, contact us today and we will help you with every required detail on the matter. Don’t forget to let us know your list of queries in the comments below. 

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