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St. Lucia - Citizenship Program

St. Lucia - Citizenship Program.

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program was launched in 2015, enabling foreign investors and families to acquire a second passport in just 3–4 months with visa-free access to over 132 countries worldwide. Coupled with a quick and straightforward application process, the program provides a wide range of investment options and you are required to make a non-refundable donation to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund or make an investment in government-approved real estate projects.
The investment is starting from $100,000 if you choose a government donation. Other options include a real estate investment for a minimum of $300,000 or investing in government bonds from $250,000.

Advantage Of St. Lucia Citizenship Program.

  • St. Lucia passport in only 3-4 months.
  • Over 132 visa-free countries, including EU & UK.
  • Fast remote processing.
  • Physical residency not required.
  • Non-refundable donation from $100,000 or.
  • Government bond investment from $250,000 or.
  • Real estate investment from $300,000.

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